It's always been every young guys dream to be a professional Footballer...we've all been there dreaming of stepping out on the pitch in front of screaming fans. For some, the dream comes true, but for 99.9% of us, it doesn't happen.

The next best thing may have just happened, so keep your dreams alive and what a story we have for you!

Step forward David Bytheway, a professional FIFA player, one of the top players in the UK. He represented England at the FIFA Interactive World Cup...pretty epic right?! 

Wolfsburg (YES, the Professional Football Club) have signed him. Don't expect David to be warming up with Andre Schurrle any time soon though, this one is strictly gaming. David will be required to wear their gear and represent the club, any time he enters a competition, but he won't have to make the early morning training sessions with Julian Draxler and CO!

E-sports is on the rise and millions of people are watching live streams daily, kids love it. Gone are the days of turning on Blue Peter for the younger generations, it's now the live streams to watch your favourite gamers!

This is an incredible move by Wolfsburg and for David. It's certainly has got a lot of people talking and has put the club at the front of an ever involving industry!

I'm expecting my phone call from Real Madrid tomorrow!!