Up&Go is a famous breakfast drinks brand from Australia, they came to us looking to make a big splash in the UK and get people talking about the brand. 

Up&Go are a breakfast in a drink, because some people are too busy to sit down every morning and enjoy a breakfast. We can all relate to that right?! For this piece of content Up&Go wanted to connect to the 16-35 year old Extreme Sports Fans.

What did we do?

We decided to create a video that epitomises the life of Up&Go. We partnered with our creative agency Viral Media House to create a piece of content with Base Jumper - Tim Howell.

Tim is a perfect example of someone who's too busy to sit down and have breakfast...but for different reasons, he's too busy travelling, going to incredible places and creating great content!

We put together a video of Tim rising before dawn, to find the perfect spot in the UK to Base Jump. We can assure you, it was an incredible day!


We partnered with a number of our social publishers to connect to Extreme Sports Fans and the 16-35 year old Lifestyle Audience.

In the 48 hours since the launch of the video, we have over 750,000 views....and rising by the minute.