Starting out for 2018, we caught up with Sofia Hills, a model, a creative and a fitness influencer. We spoke about her career and how she came to grow a following on social, she also had some insight into what it's like to be an influencer when working with brands. Check out the interview below!


Tell us about you, your background and how you came to start on social media?

Well, everything started in Australia in 2013. Fitness is one of my passions, and at that time I decided to enter the Australian Oxygen Magazine Competition (women’s fitness magazine), that was based on online voting. That was the beginning of my social media presence, that resulted to winning the competition based on votes.

Tell us about what you do on your social channels? 

My social media account is mainly a reflection of my lifestyle.

What social channel have you grown your following on? 

My main handle is my Instagram profile @sofiahills, however I have in the plans developing 2 more IG accounts: 1 for my modelling work and 1 for my fitness workouts.

How often do you post and update your audience? What content works best for you?

I keep my followers updated as often I can. Usually, it’s pretty much on a daily basis.

What are your ambitions with your social channels? Where do you want to take it?

In my plans is increasing my existing following and expanding my social media presence on other handles too.

If you could work with any brand in the world, who would you choose and why?

That’s a tough one, because I have quite a few brands on my mind. One of my ambitions is to get networked with high end fashion brands that empower women to reach their true potential.

Who’s an influencer you admire most and why? 

I wouldn’t say that I have a particular person that I admire. I get daily inspiration from many influencers I interact with. Perhaps those who are self-made, or share a story of believing in their own vision align more with my journey.

How do you think the influencer marketing industry will change in the next year?

Things in this industry are changing rapidly. I feel that within the next year influencers’ content will be mainly video based.

What relationship do you have with your followers? How do you engage with them?

I feel that I know my followers quite well, perhaps because there is consistency in the way they engage. In regards to how do we interact, I share some personal thoughts on my blog, and open dialog on my daily posts, Insta stories and lives.

How would you say you’re different to other influencers in your space? What do you look for that others don’t?

I’ve never done such comparison simply because I believe all creative people out there have something unique to offer. If something makes me stand out, is perhaps my personality, skills, story and vision.

What do you enjoy most about social media?

I really enjoy the volume of ideas and information coming just simply through networking. I also really enjoy the power and freedom social media give to each of us without relying to traditional media. Nowadays everyone has an opportunity to create their vision.

What do you enjoy least about social media?

Perhaps the addiction of it.

Is there something you wish brands knew about influencers?

Yes! That creating content takes a lot of time, resources and planning. I feel that being paid based on engagement, is really half the story. How about all the work it requires producing the content? And how about all the time spent on keeping the social media up to speed?

What’s the toughest thing about running One of the toughest things is that a digital your own social media? What’s the best?

One of the toughest things is that a digital influencer is multitasking in a lot of different levels: PR, networking, engagement, content production, resources…it’s a 24/7 commitment. The best is that is a huge growth and expansion experience. It requires commitment, dedication, patience, constantly learning new skills.

Can you give any advice to people looking to start their own Instagram, YouTube etc?

I came down to one simple truth: There is no “success recipe” other than just being yourself. People relate to influencers because of their personality and talents.

Where can people follow you? On my IG @sofiahills and @sofiastills