If you haven't heard of Nightscape AKA - Harry Gallagher, where have you been?! This guy has been blowing up the Internet the past few weeks. From climbing on the roof of the Olympic Stadium in London, which is now West Ham United's Home ground, to climbing 'The Sidemen' Tower in Stratford, his content has been going VIRAL!

Nightscape's channel is all about Urban Exploration, Photography and Parkour, his content is unreal. Since the beginning of October, Nightscape's YouTube Channel has grown from 6K subscribers, to now at the time of writing almost 340K! It's also worth taking into account the number of views he's received from just over 100K at the start of October, to now nearly 7 million! On one day alone Harry amassed nearly 125K subscribers. Let that sink in for a minute! Some incredible growth that looks set to continue!


We can't wait to see where Harry goes on his epic adventures next...can he hit 1 million subscribers before the end of 2016?! Let's wait and see! Awesome work Harry and if you're not subscribed to his channel, make sure you check him out!