One of the rarest things happened in the sporting world last night and that was San Marino scoring an away goal in the World Cup Qualifiers. In the 54th minute of the game Mattia Stefanelli, hit a rocket into the back of the Norweigan net and the stadium erupted! 

If you know anything about football or soccer for our American readers, this was one of life's major wonders and something that hadn't happened for 15 years! The nations last away goal happened in 2001 during a 1-1 draw with Latvia and they only ever won one 'official' match.

 It's safe to say the nation were ecstatic and their Twitter erupted with joy!


How else could we celebrate, but join in with the feat of the San Marino team, than sharing the goal, with the epic Titanic music. Who knows, maybe now the nations flood gates of goals will open and they'll become a major force in the International game?! We salute you San Marino!